Reform the SBA: BIGGER Mission, Authority and Resources

In March of 2021, the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce launched a national campaign to address the country’s 40-year low in new business startups.  Frank Knapp leads the effort and serves as the campaign coordinator.

Reform the SBA: BIGGER Mission, Authority and Resources” is not a criticism of the SBA but a campaign to focus Washington’s attention on the issue and advocate for the changes desperately needed.

Economists tell us that all net-new jobs in the nation are created by businesses less than five years old and that have four or fewer employees.  Clearly, our nation’s economy is being held back because of this new business startups crisis.

Our nation’s aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners—particularly minorities and women in underserved communities—need strong, singular national leadership to break down barriers to starting and growing small businesses.

View the campaign’s website by clicking here.

Organizations supporting the campaign:

American Independent Business Alliance
American Sustainable Business Network
Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce
Latino Communications Community Development Corporation
Local First Arizona
National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International
North Carolina Business Council
Ohio Sustainable Business Council
Sumter Black Chamber of Commerce
Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia
South Carolina Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
Southeast Michigan Sustainable Business Forum
Triad Local First
U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce